Visit Harley Farm Goat Dairy – A Model of Sustainable Farming


The farm follows several environmentally-friendly practices by providing goats to the Rent-a-Goat program, where goats clear brush and grass. The farm won a four-year grant from the Natural Resource Conservation Service under the U.S. Department of Agriculture, for creek bank restoration and water conservation. The farm utilizes recycled water to cool the milk and offers free manure to its neighbors.

Born in Yorkshire, England, Dee Harley is the owner of Harley Farms. Her life is surrounded by good friends, good family – and really good food. Realizing her dream of blending family, local farming, and gourmet food, Dee started Harley Farms fourteen years ago with just six goats. She rebuilt a 1910 cow dairy farm that now houses the cheese making room and milking parlor – and scattered across her 9 acre farm roam 220 American Alpine goats that produce over 500 baby goats each spring (definitely the time to visit!).


Submitted by Steve Slomka, Half Moon Bay

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