Take Advantage of Local Environmental Education Programs


Certain programs focus on awareness about the Bay, wetlands and marine life such as Save the Bay’s award-winning Watershed Education Program and the Marine Science Institute’s programs. The Watershed Education Program provides students and teachers with a connection between their daily lives and a local wetland and a sense of responsibility through active stewardship projects. The Marin Science Institute encourages students to be researchers for a day aboard their 90-foot research vessel. They also use their trailer-mounted aquarium to bring marine life to schools.

Other programs offer farm and wilderness experiences, providing students with opportunities to learn about the production of food and fiber and the interrelationships of plants and animals in their natural habitats. At Hidden Villa, a nature preserve and organic farm, children get the opportunity to hike along a beautiful creek, milk a cow or goat and harvest vegetables with on-site naturalists providing instruction. The award-winning San Mateo County Outdoor Education Program focuses on providing a wilderness experience to school groups. They give students the opportunity to explore forest and beach ecosystems and work together building community skills.


Take Action:

  • Explore the options and enroll your child, family or class group in one of these amazing programs today!
  • Take advantage of one of the teacher training programs offered by these organizations.
  • Volunteer for any of these amazing organizations.

Resources Directory:


Save the Bay Website: http://www.savesfbay.org
Marine Science Institute: http://www.sfbaymsi.org
Coyote Point Museum: http://www.coyoteptmuseum.org
Elkus Ranch: http://cesanmateo.ucdavis.edu/Custom%5FProgram/
Hidden Villa: http://www.hiddenvilla.org/
San Mateo County Office of Education: http://www.smcoe.k12.ca.us/homex.asp?Q=Homepage

Students in Canoes-Save the Bay’s Watershed Education Program: http://www.savesfbay.org


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The county has 16 organic farms

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