Ten Steps Cities Can Take To Prepare For The Electric Car


The report is largely based on interviews and discussions with a range of local governments, infrastructure providers, and industry thought leaders over the past year, many of them in San Mateo County, including Redwood City, San Carlos, and Burlingame. With each step covered, the report details best practices that assist in the development of electric vehicle usage and infrastructure. The report also provides a number of resources for local governments trying to learn more about EV cars and how to increase usage of them.

The ten steps outlined include:

  • Develop an overarching sustainability plan with clear performance measures
  • Establish a committed team with one lead champion
  • Secure commitment from the fleet director
  • Proactively drive policies that support early EV adopters
  • Partner with select organizations, including infrastructure service providers, who can help you achieve your vision
  • Lead by example to encourage constituent adoption
  • Advocate for innovative companies to break current technology barriers in designing alternative fuel vehicles that fit the needs, and financial resources of the city
  • Take small steps as needed while embracing a progressive vision
  • Pursue grant and funding opportunities
  • Share best practices
  • The full report can be downloaded below

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From the 2014 Indicators Report

The county has 16 organic farms

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‟We understand the triple bottom lines of sustainability must all be addressed for us to be successful.”—William Clay Ford, Chairman, Ford Motor Company