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Making Ocean Health a Priority

Keeping our Oceans Green Anyone who lives within sight and sound of the ocean and who is concerned about the care of our environment has to see that our response to environmental pollution must not stop at the shoreline. While good work is being done to protect and clean up our coast and offshore waters, legislation to

Take Advantage of Local Environmental Education Programs

Bottom Line: Local Environmental Education Programs offer students, teachers, and families a chance to explore their natural world, develop a deep appreciation for our local environment and an understanding of the importance of responsible stewardship.

There are many environmental education programs offered throughout San Mateo County. These incredible programs give students opportunities to observe natural ecosystems, engage in hands-on discovery activities, and receive knowledgeable scientific instruction. These valuable programs lead students to an appreciation of the natural world and an awareness of the importance of responsible environmental stewardship. There is a range of affordable or free environmental educational programs available for student groups, teachers, individuals, and families.

Improving Environmental Quality One Diaper at a Time

Bottom Line: EarthBaby is a local compostable diaper service committed to reducing the environmental impact of children by eliminating disposable diapers and wipes from landfills. EarthBaby was started in 2008 by two Bay Area dads looking for a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers. Compostable diapers were available from other companies, but no

E-Waste Reduction for a Healthier Environment

Bottom Line: GreenCitizen is a company committed to creating a cleaner environment by addressing the growing electronic waste crisis. E-waste is the fastest growing waste problem in the world. More than 400 million obsolete electronics are discarded in America every year1. Even when e-waste is collected for recycling in the United States, 50%-80% is eventually

Protect the Beach, Unite a Community

Bottom Line: Pacifica Beach Coalition is an organization dedicated to preserving the ocean, coastal habitat and wildlife, and ending litter, through advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action.

Reduce Food Waste and Help the Hungry

Bottom Line: Peninsula Food Runner is an organization dedicated to repressing hunger by reducing the waste of food in the San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.   It is a free service provided by volunteers to pick up unwanted food. Presently they are delivering 15,000 meals to those in need every week. Peninsula Food Runner will pick up food from restaurants,

Get a rebate for a new toilet

Bottom Line: BAWSCA is Partnering with its Member Agencies to Offer Rebates  of up to $100 on Purchases of High-Efficiency Toilets!

Toilet Rebate

The Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) is an organization representing the interests of 24 local water suppliers throughout San Mateo, Santa Clara, and parts of Alameda Counties.

Drinking Water from The Tap is Safe, Cheap and Protects the Environment

Bottom Line: Reduce your ecological impact and potential health hazards by drinking tap water instead of bottled water. Bottled water is not necessarily any cleaner or safer than water from the tap.

BottledDrinkingWater-image2Health and Quality
San Mateo County Tap water is highly regulated and tested for public safety by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Safe Drinking Water Act authorizes the EPA to enforce health standards for drinking water and requires public notification of water system violations and annual reports to consumers on contaminants found in drinking water. Alternatively, bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which often uses EPA’s tap water standards to determine safety. However, the FDA exempts from testing water that is packaged and sold within the same state, which accounts for 60 to 70 percent of all bottled water sold in the United States. Bottled water is not necessarily any cleaner or safer than water from the tap.

BAWSCA Lawn Be Gone Program – Rebates For Lawn Conversion

The Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) Lawn Be Gone Program offers rebates ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, to approved customers that convert water thirsty lawns to water efficient landscapes. To be eligible for a rebate, the Lawn Conversion Project must not be started before approval and receipt of a Notice to Proceed

Visit Harley Farm Goat Dairy – A Model of Sustainable Farming

Bottom Line: Dee Harley is milking her way to success by showing her goat farm is good for the economy, environment and the community.

Harley FarmsHarley Farms in Pescadero started 16 years ago with six goats and has since grown into a fully self-sustaining 267+ goat operation and the only dairy farm in San Mateo County. The nine-acre farm is a farmstead dairy, meaning the cheese produced comes directly from the farms animals. It has received six national cheese awards and was the recipient the 2008 Sustainable San Mateo County Award, and the 2008 San Mateo County Farmer of the Year award. It also was featured in a February 2007 New York Times article about agri-tourism (see Eco-Tourism Article), a concept in which small farms open up to curious visiting urbanites.

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