Sustainability Resources

Sustainability Resources

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Sustainability is a short-hand term for viewing the relationship between our actions today and their effect on the future. Living sustainably means that we meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable planning recognizes the interconnections between the environment, economy, and society. A disruption in any one area affects the health of the other two. Discussions of sustainability often cite the three Es: Environment, Economy, and social Equity. At Sustainable San Mateo County, we focus on how all these areas affect the health of our region.

Environment Economy Social Equity
Vital communities have clean air, water, and are free from pollution. A healthy environment is one where resources are replaced, not depleted. Healthy environments include natural spaces where non-humans can thrive. Vital communities have strong economies. They foster sound businesses, government, and non-profit entities. They provide jobs, meet basic community needs, and offer a ground for innovation. A strong economy creates a solid foundation for society. Vital communities meet the needs of all their citizens. They provide good schools, affordable housing, and the basic services that enable even the least affluent to live comfortably. A healthy society fosters a wide sense of individual responsibility for the community.


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From the 2014 Indicators Report

12.3% of county adults lack health insurance

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‟The earth and the human community are bound in a single journey.”—Thomas Berry