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Why Is This Important?
A growing and diversified job base provides economic opportunities for individuals with different skills and educational backgrounds.  A substantial distribution of jobs among various industries and small and medium-sized companies creates a platform for economic sustainability.  If employment is concentrated in a few large industries, a community’s economic vitality is threatened if those industries decline. 

What Is a Sustainable State?
A sustainable state is one where the number of jobs is sufficient to employ all those seeking work and job growth keeps pace with population growth.

How Are We Doing?
In 2006, San Mateo County added 6,600 jobs, a 2 percent increase from 2005.  The 2006 reported job total is the highest for the county since 2002.

Data source: California Employment Development Department

Information on specific sectors included:

  • The largest growth in reported jobs were in leisure and hospitality services (2,000 jobs), educational and health services (1,500 jobs), professional and business services (1,500 jobs), manufacturing (1,300 jobs), and construction (1,000 jobs).
  • The information services sector saw the number of reported jobs decrease by 10 percent (2,000 jobs) from 2005.
  • Despite recent losses, information services added 6,600 jobs since 1997, a 55 percent increase.  Other large gains were found in educational
    and health services (14 percent increase) and construction (11 percent increase).
  • The largest job losses since 1997 were in transportation, warehousing,and utilities (19 percent decrease); financial services (14 percent decrease);
    manufacturing (12 percent decrease); and wholesale and retail trade (11 percent decrease).

Job diversity
The county has a diversified job base with seven different sectors employing over 25,000 workers. 

Data source: California Employment Development Department

Jobs in the county are also diversified across different company sizes.  As
of September 30, 2006:

  • Thirty-nine percent of the workforce was employed by businesses with less
    than 50 employees,
  • Forty percent by businesses with 50-499 employees, and
  • Twenty-one percent by employers with 500 or more employees.

By 2014, the total number of jobs in the San Francisco Metropolitan Statistical Area is expected to have grown by 5 percent (over 52,000 jobs) from 2004 levels.  Computer system design services and management, scientific, and technical consulting services are each expected to see over 30 percent job growth.  There is also expected to be large job growth in accommodation and food services, health care services, chemical manufacturing, and administrative and support services.

See appendix page 74, CLICK HERE. Researchers: Nate Marsh and Kiyong Song

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From the 2014 Indicators Report

12.3% of county adults lack health insurance

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‟The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them.”—Paul Hawken