2000 Awards

2000 Awards

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City Center Plaza, Redwood City

The City Center Plaza is a model mixed-use, transit-oriented development that combines affordable housing, retail, educational, and child-care uses all in one complex. City Center Plaza was developed through an effective public-private partnership between the Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition, a non-profit housing developer; the Raiser Organization, a for-profit commercial development company; the City of Redwood City; and the Redwood City Redevelopment Agency.

Jim Johnson

A streamkeeper of San Francisquito Creek, he worked tirelessly to clean up this creek. He founded Friends of San Francisquito Creek, a citizen’s group devoted to raising awareness of the creek’s community value.

Peninsula Open Space Trust

This well known group, under the direction of Executive Director Audrey Rust, has saved some 40,000 acres of open space and natural habitat in San Mateo County over the past 23 years.

The Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel is an example of a business in San Mateo County that has adopted many environmentally responsible procedures in its operations.

Patrick Burt and Acteron, a metal plating company in San Carlos, received Honorable Mention for their dedicated efforts to make this typically high-polluting industry into a more environmentally benign one.

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From the 2014 Indicators Report

12.3% of county adults lack health insurance

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‟What is good for our children is good for our homes, good for our communities, and good for the planet.”—Richard Joseph Jackson, MD