Celebrating 25 Years!

Celebrating 25 Years!

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Founded in 1992 and dedicated to the long-term health of San Mateo County . . .

For 25 years Sustainable San Mateo County been the “information and inspiration” for sustainable change. In those early days, sustainability wasn’t quite the buzzword it has become. While we can now celebrate the success of our original mission of bringing sustainability to the forefront of decision-making countywide, we know there is still a long way to go to build the thriving community we envision. We’re looking forward the next 25 years by doubling-down on objective research and educational programming, continuing and expanding our role as a connector and convener, building stronger communications to reach broader audiences, and finding our voice to advocate for the future we want.

But we can’t do it alone! You can help by making a generous contribution to our 25th Anniversary Campaign, today! This effort aims to build our capacity for the work we have underway and would like to embark upon.

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You’ll have good company: Founding members David and Nancy Crabbe have committed $40,000 over the next year to hire an Administrator. By growing our staff’s capacity we will be better able to achieve our goals.

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Here’s what Dave and Nancy had to say about why they are making this extremely generous gift now:

“COMMUNITY ACTION — SSMC has gathered and analyzed a lot of information over the years. We’re proud to see how this information has become the basis for on-going community programs that bring people together to learn more and take action.

COMMUNITY INSPIRATION — We are always in awe of the Sustainability Award nominees and winners. It always starts with people who have a passion for making sustainable things happen on the Peninsula.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT — The federal government has withdrawn financial and philosophical support for sustainability and the environment. It has also turned away from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and deleted important scientific data from federal websites, including the EPA. SSMC is a key local organization to keep pushing on these issues in our local area.

That’s why we’re doing what we can to support this work. Please join us!”

Please join David and Nancy, our Board of Directors, and others from around the community by making an anniversary gift today. Anything you can do will help, but we hope you will celebrate this special occasion with an equally special gift. You might consider one of the following levels:

  • $7681.22 – a penny each for the population of San Mateo County
  • $3844 – the number of housing units built between 2010 and 2015, each important but far short of our goal!
  • $2500 – a “Benjamin” for each of our 25 years
  • $1992 – a tribute to the founding year of our organization
  • $450 – our highest single-event attendance yet
  • $133 – total awardees over the 18 years of SSMC’s awards program
Donate Now

We’re all in this together–join us today to build a strong foundation for the future of Sustainable San Mateo County and our shared region.

And stay tuned throughout the summer as we plan and announce additional activities to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, and prepare for the next quarter century!

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