Pathways to Sustainable Communities

Pathways to Sustainable Communities

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Sustainability CompassTo celebrate SSMC’s 20 years of teamwork with local communities, we will publish a summary of sustainability lessons learned. Our culture is at an inflection point where we must learn from the past to inform the future. Hence the opportunity and need for our project: “Pathways to Sustainable Communities: How Lessons from 20 Years of Research Show the Way to Sustainable Communities“, a culmination of the analytical and social resources that have been the foundation of SSMC’s leaders and volunteers.

Leveraging data collected through SSMC’s core mission program, Pathways will create a suite of products including: a white paper, a summary report, and a toolkit for replicating the analysis in other communities.

Pathways will focus on six areas of analysis:

  • Climate Change and Adaptation
  • Resource and Habitat Conservation
  • Efficient Transportation
  • Jobs/Housing Balance
  • Education and Workforce Development
  • Community Health and Wellness

SSMC will examine these indicators of community progress in order to promote advocacy, policy and systems changes. Analysis of potential policy outcomes will be grounded by SSMC’s philosophy of equilibrium between equity, economy, and the environment.


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